Chromatic Awards

1st Place in the Category Fashion and Beauty and 2x Honorable Mention in the Category Fashion and Beauty

About The Award

Chromatic Awards is an international competition of color photography open to both professionals and amateurs.

Availability of photographic equipment makes the competition among photographers very large, and the possibility of breakthrough is extremely difficult. Amateurs and professional photographers who want to share their passion must demonstrate not only a good knowledge of the workshop, but also the tenacity in pursuing their aim.

With twenty categories, the chance to show the very core of one’s work is limitless as world-renowned and competent professionals sit in the jury and scrutinize every iota of detail of each entry. Together we are building the art market and strengthening the position of color photography in the art world.

Press Release

1st Place / 2020 / Fashion and Beauty
"No-Made" (Single Photo)

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2020 / Fashion and Beauty
"On New Wings" (Single Photo)

HONOARABLE MENTION / 2020 / Fashion and Beauty
"No-Made" (Single Photo)

Chromatic Awards Jury:
Julien Barbès - Commercial Photographer; Ema Peter - Architectural Photographer; Daniele Colucciello - Commercial Photographer; Tina Sturzenegger - Still Life Photographer; Lucila Blumencweig - Commercial Photographer; Benton Collins - Commercial Photographer; Maela Ohana - Founder Archive Collective Magazine; Isabel Pinto - Commercial Photographer; Sam Bénard - Commercial Photographer Morgan Lockyer Agency; Rohit Vohra Editor in Chief Art Photo Feature; Colin Czerwinski Founder / Curator NOICE. Magazine